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Chocolate and the danger to dogs

Easter is a time to celebrate, with all the fun of the feast and there will be chocolate eggs a plenty. And with every scrumptious egg being unwrapped, there will be a pooch or a puss with a 'Me too, please' expression on its face.

Now, on occasion, you have to be cruel to be kind, and this is such an occasion. Chocolate and pets are not a good combination. Now a small piece may not cause any damage, but some impatient pets will plan a seek-and-destroy mission and will discover the stash of Easter eggs. That's where problems will start.

Dog Phobia

Helping dogs cope with thunder storms noise phobias

If your dog is fearful of thunder he or she is exhibiting one of the most common phobias that affect dogs.
Dogs also react to lightening, explosive noises, hot-air balloons and many other noises that are part of a dog's life in a human environment.
If your dog is sensitive to thunder, the nine point plan below will help.

Paralysis Tick

Paralysis Ticks

Every year Australian vets warn pet owners to be vigilant as explosions of tick paralysis cases in Australia’s eastern states leave trails of casualties. Warm humid weather are perfect breeding conditions and create huge numbers of paralysis ticks.  So after a very dry summers followed by rainfall all pet owners need to be extra vigilant and protect their pets now.

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